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Lead Vocalist
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Keyboards & Vocal
Saxophones & Vocal
Drums & Vocal

      Parkway Diner began a few years ago as a duo, with J.J. manning the mic, & Chris on keys.

      They moved around Ct. for a couple years doing shows of all types, with a very Billy Joel heavy song list, while covering many of your favorite artists' tunes as well.

     Picking up momentum over time, they felt it was time to grow.

So a couple of years ago they added guitar & drums.

Then, to take Parkway Diner to the next level, they needed to add that vital to all rhythm sections piece. That very special bassist. Done!

  To polish things off, the band drew from a very special well of seasoned saxophonists. And was very fortunate to be able to add it's final piece, to bring their sound to exactly where they want it to be.

      Now, Parkway Diner is coming at you strong, with the classic hits of Billy Joel and Elton john all the while filling the air with powerful renditions of songs that you've enjoyed  all your lives.

      Parkway Diner is looking very much forward to the time, where they can bring their very polished show to your venue or special event!