J.J. is a founding member of Parkway Diner. And has been enjoying every minute of it.

    Before starting Parkway Diner, J.J. stayed active singing with various groups throughout High School in Naugatuck under William C. Davis. And then, later at Central Connecticut State University, under Dr. Pamela Perry. These 2 individuals, were his mentors in music, & helped him become the performer he is today.

    Currently, he also remains busy performing with 4 other local bands. "Rubber City", “Pocket Full of Soul” , “On the Serious Side." and Shaded Soul Band

    From numerous stints in musical theatre, performances with Grammy Award winning recording artists, as well as recently fulfilling a lifelong dream of performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City, J.J. has been blessed with many opportunities, that music has brought to him over the years.

    He credits his current band mates & friends in Naugatuck for all of the good fortunes that have come his way musically, since he created Parkway Diner.

    “All of the musical endeavors I’m a part of today, are a direct result of the opportunity I was first given, by Rubber City ... For that, I will be eternally grateful ."

J.J. Martin